The Revolution Will Be Blogged

The revolution will not be televised. *Gil Scott-Heron

Texas Pinko

Everybody has heard the term New Media.  It started to be a buzzword even before the turn of the millenium, a new way to consume media, a new way to create media, and part and parcel of the newness was an unwashed throng of commoners that wanted to create and consume news and other programming in brand new ways.  The motivations of the creators particularly was radical.  They wanted to be responsible for creating news that was heavily endowed with truth.  When you start talking about news and truth in the same sentence people get alarmed, especially politicians with a less than humanist agenda.

As new media grows alliances are formed between like minded people who have their own passions, these groups of impassioned activists are often labelled SJWs or Social Justice Warriors.  Social Justice Warrior is what a lot of people, particularly the alt right, would like…

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