Truth vs. Fact: The Endangerment Of Curiosity

FactsUnfortunately, “truth” and “facts” are not the same animal.

I can create Truth by making a statement and being believed by one person. The MSM does this on a massive scale, every second of the day.

I make my statements to the world with Facts to back me up. Not everyone can be so bothered with this detail though, and that is the point where the demagogues and billionaires have the rest of us tangled up with each other. How could a media saturated American person care about Syria? I mean, truly care and get invested enough to speak out about the humans involved? It is almost impossible to open the eyes of the brainwashed. I get it. I was a part of the problem for a long time, and I bought in to the system.

If you are raised in America it starts early. Do well in school- memorize the books and lessons the government has supplied for you. Nevermind all of the history and anthropology that is not presented in classrooms, you will not need that to be employed. In fact, it is better to be a “good soldier” than it is to make waves. The people armed with facts always make waves. They ask questions and want explanations.

Our desire to ask why has been pushed out of us to make room for a desire for cash and material things. People don’t buy books anymore, they read about the book on their smartphones and think being able to summarize the story means they know what actually happened. Our children are lost in phone/ tablet/ computer/ television screens. When our children have children, curiosity will be dead.

If, when presented with an idea, you take the time to explore every option you are given and use every tool you have to explore the idea, the conclusion you come to may be very different than the one you started with.

Fear of replacing Truth with Facts can’t be something any of us accepts as normal.

It is time to stand up and demand answers. It is time to stand behind Facts, even when they negate the comfortable Truth.







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